carpeting on stairs

What’s the best carpet for stairs?

When I was a little kid, we moved into a two-story home with a winding stairway. I remember my mother making some comment about envisioning me walking down the stairs in a wedding gown, but, looking back, there was a big problem with the carpet.
It had a high pile, and I probably would have tripped! Actually, there were some slips and slides!
Carpet is probably the best choice for stairs because even if someone does fall, it’ll be on a soft surface.
Stairs are probably the highest traffic areas, so safety and durability will be a priority. Of course you want it to look good, but you also need to be sure it’s not slippery, and that it can stand up to heavy foot traffic, so a plush, soft, high pile may work well for the bedroom, but not other places.
Of course there can be other high foot traffic areas in your home, and you may also have some special issues, such as mobility. Be sure to discuss them thoroughly with your flooring expert.
Here’s what you should consider when looking to carpet stairs or any other high traffic areas:
1.Pile: It should be low, no more than 3/4 -inch high, with carpet colors that won’t show every spec of dirt. Consider deep neutrals like taupe, coffee or even some blended shades like sage green can be good.
2.Durability: There are so many fibers, from natural ones, like wool, to synthetics like nylon, polyester and olefin. Nylon has always had the reputation of being one of the strongest materials around. Polyester, because of technological advances, is getting more and more stronger. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s also highly stain resistant.
3.Style: Basically, any can work as long as it’s a low pile. Synthetic plushes in a twisted or cut loop are always safe. Berbers can be, but do be careful if you have pets, because claws can catch.
4.Thickness. Remember, quality is of utmost importance and it’s not weight that determines it but, rather, density--how close together the fibers are woven. When it comes to density, more is always better.
5.Installation. This should always be a consideration for flooring, but especially for stairs where there are risers, steps, railings, corners and other things with which to contend.
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