carpet installation

What’s the best carpet for my entryway?

The entryway is a busy area, and it takes an enormous amount of punishment, what with people tracking dirt, soil, and moisture in the house on their shoes.

You need a carpet that’s ultra-durable as well as stain and soil-resistant.

Not all carpet is the same

They might look the same, but every room and area has different needs and concerns, Houston. Any rug needs to respond to those concerns.

is going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment you'll make in your home, so you'll want to get the right one for your needs.

Before you even begin to shop, examine your lifestyle, asking yourself things about the size of the family; pets; frequency of entertaining; and how you plan to use the room.

Areas like stairs see a lot of traffic. People and pets are running up and down all day, so you have both durability and safety issues. Other rooms, such as living and dining areas, may or may not be high traffic, depending upon whether you use them as centers of family activity or entertain frequently.

The best carpet for high traffic areas

There are two things you should consider when carpeting for high traffic:

  • Pile. Generally, low pile rugs are more durable because the fibers are shorter and, hence, less likely to get frayed or tangled.

  • Many commercial facilities including offices, hotels, retail facilities, churches, etc. use low pile rugs.

    For stairs, it provides a good solid foundation for the foot, and can easily weave around railings and treads, so you won’t slip and fall.

    Low pile is also a good choice for the home office with wheels and heavy furniture to move. Examples of low piles are Berber and Saxony rugs.

  • Fibers. Nylon is considered the strongest, but it does need to be treated with stain protectors throughout its lifespan.

    Triexta (you’ll see it in brand names like SmartStrand and Sorona) is durable with anti-stain properties built right into the fibers. Polyester has good stain resistance properties and, with modern technology, it is catching up in durability.

    Olefin, the least expensive of the bunch, is more durable when it’s in the Berber style; that’s because the Berber construction happens to use the part of the olefin fiber that’s the strongest, so this would be a good choice for family and game rooms.

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