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What’s so important about the cores in waterproof floors?

A core plays an essential role in any floor, especially when it's waterproof. Cores give a floor structure and stability. They protect from water and moisture, which, in turn, keeps the floor intact.

WPC, SPC: standing up to any amount of water

And it doesn't matter how long the water's there. WPC (wood plastic composite) and SPC (stone plastic composite) will never peel or ripple.

To give an example, we know someone who was away for months. He returned home to a dishwasher flood but had these floors. A wipe dry, and it was OK to reuse.

These cores are technologically advanced and give the waterproof flooring a more rigid feeling. As a result, SPC is ultra-rigid and slightly more durable, with both graded for commercial use.

Style, durability, and peace of mind

These floors offer the best of both worlds. They are engineered luxury vinyl (LVF), combining fashion and practicality.

You can get wood looks that follow all the trends. There are hundreds of images from which to choose so you can find anything. This includes colors, tones, patterns, and features such as knots and swirls.

You can find anything in our showroom. So, feel free to visit us when shopping for waterproof floors in Houston.

Besides wood, you can add glamour to a hot, steamy, and wet bathroom with a marble look floor or some other stone. Give your kitchen some pops of color or brilliant designs such as herringbone, chevron, encaustic-style patterns, and more.

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