Water-resistant and waterproof floors: Are they the same?

Water-resistant and waterproof floors: Are they the same?

Waterproof flooring gives you both ultimate peace of mind and style. We're all too busy to worry about water-damaged floors. Leaks, drops, and spills can occur in any room. 

But first, we want you to know what you're getting.

Complete impenetrability

When a floor (or any product) is said to be impervious to liquid, that capability is  "baked in." It is inherent, and the materials themselves repel water. Therefore, there are no special coatings needed.

Water resistant means it will repel liquid for a short time. However, unless wiped immediately, it will eventually break through, soak and stain. Water resistant doesn't mean waterproof.


You'll hear these initials a lot when you shop for these floors. These are two technologically advanced waterproof cores that won't peel or ripple.

SPC and WPC cores can handle even the most significant leak or flood, no matter how long the puddle's been there. We know someone who spends winters elsewhere; he returned to a dishwasher flood, and the floors were fine.

A stylish workhorse

Vibrant wood, stone, and tile images make the floors fashionable enough for any room. In addition, they're engineered luxury vinyl, thicker and more durable.

Come into our showroom when shopping for waterproof floors in Houston. You'll see gorgeous designs like ProSeries Adventuro Mariner (a wood look)  by Daltile, or stone looks like Manhattan Marble by Happy Feet International. 

Like luxury vinyl, they have vibrancy, accuracy, depth, and dimension. The floors are also low maintenance with an uncomplicated installation.

Like luxury products, they have depth, dimension, and textured looks.

Over 45 years of flooring excellence

Carpet Giant is a family-owned company that began operation in 1976. Let our highly skilled professionals help you find the waterproof flooring design that works with your decor and style.

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