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Tips on finding the best carpet for high-traffic areas

When it comes to adding carpeting to high-traffic areas, it’s essential to choose materials that are truly high-quality to avoid the need to replace flooring prematurely. Stairs and hallways, especially, deal with a lot of foot traffic. If you select the wrong type of carpet, you may see signs of wear-and-tear within mere months, unless, of course, you stick to the following helpful tips!
Berber versus shag
While lots of people simply adore the luxurious feel of shag, opting for it in snow-white may not be in your best interest. Truthfully, it may not be a practical option for households with pets or kids, and not just because of the shows-everything color. Those long, plush fibers will absorb lots of liquid and food mishaps, like Kool-aide and ketchup, things that surely stain. Berber, on the other hand, is typically more affordable, and is an ideal pick. Its low-pile fibers repel debris and dirt more easily, plus they’re also simpler to clean up as their fibers are shorter.
Let the color hide your worries
Aside from selecting a durable material, why not let the color choice hide your worries? Go for darker colors, since they, unsurprisingly, hide stains, fading, and wear-and-tear better. As you would imagine, lighter colors show dirt and stains more, so you’ll want to stay away from whites, creams, beiges, and even lighter grays. Choose a carpet that’s dark, the darker the better, as this will conceal issues better.
Hotspots need extra protection
Hotspots, meaning high-traffic areas, need extra protection, because it’s a busy zone. You can add protection easily by adding runners in spots like hallways and along stairs. Plastic runners are also another option, and can give you much more protection than carpet runners. Just keep in mind to choose a model that offers both protection and traction, so as to avoid slips and falls.
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