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Tips for Selecting the Best Carpet Installation on a Budget

Typically, soft surfacing is less expensive than hard options like natural stone or hardwood. As such, it's an excellent alternative when you're trying to stick to a budget for your renovations. At Carpet Giant, we know it can be difficult to keep costs down when you're excited about your upcoming redo. That's why our Houston showroom pros have come up with these great tips to ensure that your shopping experience is both pleasant and affordable. Don't worry about that tight budget, we've got you covered!

Tip #1 - Pick a Sturdy Design
While you may need to choose a surfacing that's low-priced, you certainly don't want to get stuck with inferior material. Therefore, pick a sturdy design when at the carpet store, like a durable Berber. Due to its robust construction and sturdy fiber sides, it will last for years to come. Frieze, another tough design, generally offers an excellent degree of durability at a lower cost. Its fibers have a high twist level, which makes for increased fiber strength.

Tip #2 - Consider Various Fibers
Several less expensive fibers on the market would work very well throughout the home, though it does depend upon the amount of foot traffic and style expectations. For instance, a good mid-priced option is Polyester. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in the manufacturing industry, Polyester is more durable than ever. Another low-priced fiber alternative is Olefin. Consider selecting a design in a looped form, as this is the most reliable kind available at the moment. 

Tip #3 - Select From In-Stock Choices
Keep the carpet sales price even lower by selecting your next flooring from in-stock options. In doing so, you may not have many choices of colors and designs, but you will be saving yourself a substantial amount of money in the long run. Typically, a carpet warehouse buys their surfacing in bulk from manufacturers, ensuring that they get the best discount possible. As the customer, this move translates into lower prices on-site. Also, if you have a smaller space that won't require much flooring, ask the staff if they have any surfacing remnants. Often, these end pieces from large rolls are even further discounted.