tile flooring in Houston, Texas If you’re looking for a type of flooring for your home or office that is easy to maintain, durable and versatile, then tile flooring could be just what the doctor ordered. With an enormous selection of colors, sizes, patterns and shapes tile flooring is perfect on walls, as flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and family rooms. You name the place and tile will be a great fit. If you live in the Houston area, visit Carpet Giant’s showroom to see exactly for yourself, what types of tile flooring is available.

Tile floors are nontoxic (when installed with a nontoxic grout) which is great for those in the family who may suffer from allergies. Tile flooring doesn’t attract dirt, pollen, dust or any other allergens so when these particles do end up on tile, a simple vacuum or sweeping can easily remove them no problem. Tile flooring is great those who share their homes with their four-legged companions seeing as how accidents can be cleaned quickly and easily and the durable surface can stand up against their nails or claws.

Years or even decades of wear and tear are nothing against tile floors because they are truly made to last. Tile flooring is extremely tough and is very hard to crack. If you do manage to crack a tile a helpful tip is to purchase a couple extra tiles to have for a quick and simple replacement. They will hold their color and won’t fade so you can be sure the tiles will still match after months or years. Tile floors will turn out to be the best value in the long term without spending big bucks up front for them.

What sets tile flooring apart is that although it is an amazing option in your home, it is also a great option for your outdoor living space. Tiles with a natural stone look are commonly used around pool areas and outdoor patios to help bring a more rustic and outdoorsy vibe to your backyard hangouts and barbecues. Come on down to Carpet Giants showroom and warehouse in Houston, Texas to check out all the fun ways you can improve your home with tile flooring.