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Three ways to protect your carpet installation during a move

Moving provides a way to start afresh in a new home. However, as exciting as that notion is, it’s also incredibly overwhelming to organize, plan, move, and set-up your household. One of the things most often overlooked during moving day, is the protection of your floors. While hard surfacing does indeed need a means to prevent damage, soft surfacing comes with its own unique set of issues to avoid stains, tearing, and discoloration.

The last thing you want to do is visit a carpet warehouse after a move, because you’ve realized your surfacing is damaged beyond repair! Skip having to lookup carpet sales with the following helpful 3 tips from our Carpet Giant professionals at our Houston showroom.

Plastic, adhesive sheets
Tough, tear-resistant, plastic self-adhesive sheets will save you a ton of trouble and stress on moving day. While preventing possible damage, they’ll also limit the likelihood of needing deep cleaning afterwards. Since they’re sold in large sections, you can cut them to fit any room perfectly.

Thus, restricting dust, dirt, and grime from getting on your carpets. And, as they’re adhesive, that also means you don’t have to worry about slipping or tripping over the material. A less expensive alternative could be blankets, towels, bed sheets, or even drop-cloths, just make sure they’re clean. However, because these alternatives aren’t adhesive, they may pose a tripping or slipping hazard, so make sure to warn your movers to pay attention.

Another way to protect your soft surfacing is to use plywood, particularly to protect your floors when moving heavy appliances like a washer, dryer, fridge or stove. While you could certainly use a blanket or an old sheet, the problem is the lack of padding. They may allow you to slide your appliance across the room, but what happens if you drop it accidentally or a pointy edge digs into your floors? Plywood would prevent this from occurring, and as such, is a great choice.

Shoe covers
By having your movers use shoe covers, you’ll avoid getting grease, dirt, and other equally yucky substances all over the place. Online or in-store, these can be found easily, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money for a big box that should last several days, long enough to last the first week or so of your relocation.

Worried about an upcoming move or simply wondering about the latest trends in soft surfacing? Visit our Carpet Giant carpet store to see our newest additions most popular designs.