The Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Made During Carpet Flooring Installation

The Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Made During Carpet Flooring Installation

carpet installation in Houston, Texas At Carpet Giant in Houston, TX, we have been providing quality flooring installation services to our customers for years now. We are very proud of the fact that our installers are true experts at installing any type of flooring that we sell. With their years of experience, they know the right way of doing things, and they also know the most common mistakes that are made by non-professional installers. Here are the top three mistakes most often made during the installation of new carpeting:

1. Many types of new carpeting need to acclimatize before being installed. The reason is simple: Some carpets will stiffen up they are allowed to sit in a cool environment. It is nearly impossible to properly stretch a stiff, cool carpet. Once the carpet has had a chance to warm up a bit and loosen, it will often develop humps and bumps that are unacceptable. A loose carpet never looks good, and being loose will shorten the life-span of that carpet as well.

2. Improper carpet stretching is the next mistake some installers make during the flooring installation process. For virtually all rooms, a power-stretcher is needed if one wants the best results. Many non-professionals do not have a power-stretcher and will, therefore, use their knee kickers to get (what they think) is a tight stretch. While this technique may result in temporary success, it does not work over the long run. The carpet will loosen at some point, and you will have that saggy carpet look again, as mentioned above.

3. “Seaming” is when two separate pieces of carpet have to be glued together to make a larger piece of carpet. It takes skill and expertise to create a seam that is invisible and strong enough to hold the pieces together during the stretching process. There are many steps that have to be performed in order to get a great seam, and all of them are important. Seaming takes patience; it cannot be rushed, which is something many non-professionals do, especially when they move the heating iron over the seaming adhesive tape too fast. Because the adhesive does not have time to fully melt, a weak seam results.

These are just three of the mistakes that some homeowners have to deal with when they rely upon flooring installation from non-professionals.

When you need truly professional flooring installation services, come see us at Carpet Giant in Houston, and let us show you why we are the best flooring installers in town.