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The 411 on Soft Flooring

Relax! ”Soft flooring” is just another name for “carpet installation,” and right now color is king when it comes to carpet. Carpet comes in an assortment of colors, patterns and fibers, so there’s something for everyone. Despite all the debate among designers, carpet sales are still going through the roof, we’re told.

Just be sure to visit a well-stocked carpet store like Carpet Giant in Houston, to be sure you always get what you need. If it’s not on the floor, chances are it’s in the carpet warehouse.

So be creative, express your personal style, and “design from the room up”. However, while style is so important, Carpet Giant of Houston is going to tell you about more reasons to love it.

5 More Reasons You Want This Flooring in Your House

1.Aesthetics and function. It’s stylish, but also works hard, shielding you from sound. It provides cushioning between floors, so you’ll never hear the tap-tap-tap of running feet, the beeps of electronic devices, or voices every time someone’s on a phone call.

It also is a temperature insulator so as long as the air is cold (or warm) in the room, so will be the floor.

2.Good for the lungs. We’re assaulted every day by some pretty nasty things, including pollution, dust mites, insect pieces, food crumbs, etc.

The fibers trap them where they’ll stay until professional cleaning, which digs deep into the fiber to remove the unwanted guests.

3.Easy clean-ability. Vacuum regularly, wipe spills right away, move furniture around so it can’t get worn in one place by constant foot traffic, and use a professional cleaner who uses hot water extraction.

4.No hard surfaces. That’s a big deal if you have kids or elderly residents, because it provides a soft fall, and in some cases, it might even prevent falls. After all, hard surfaces do get slippery.

5.It can be less expensive than other flooring, especially hardwood. There’s such a range of price points and quality levels, it’s easy to find something to suit your budget. Also, no special sub-floor preparation is required, because it can usually be installed over anything.

Feel free to come into the Carpet Giant showroom in Houston, to explore and hear our pros tell you about this amazing flooring.