Texas Passes Important Legislation on Pensions and First Responders

Texas Passes Important Legislation on Pensions and First Responders

laminate installations For some time, many people in Houston have been wondering about their pensions. It now seems that lawmakers have made some important decisions, and this should bring some relief to those Houston residents that it will affect. This is the first part of the story that alerted us to this vote by Texas lawmakers:

“Texas Senators overwhelmingly passed a bill Monday that aims to overhaul Houston’s troubled pension funds, but not before including a last-minute amendment that could switch future first responders and City Hall employees to a new kind of retirement system. The Senate passed Senate Bill 2190 in a 25-5 vote. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick praised the work of the bill's author, State Sen. Joan Huffman.”

Source: www.texastribune.org

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