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Stories of Creativity, Ingenuity, and Even Laughter During a Terrible Time

We were originally going to write this blog about the benefits of using our professionals for flooring installation, but the results of Harvey changed that this week.

It’s no longer “business as usual.”

Carpet Giant is a family-owned business, and we’ve been around for more than 40 years. That means we’re more than just about flooring installation and hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile, and vinyl. We’re family and Houston is our family; we hurt right along with you, but we also know that you’re tough, strong, and resilient and you will overcome this.

Harvey has been a disaster of epic proportions, and Houston and Southeast Texas are still very much in rescue mode, but among the devastation and terrible stories, we’ve also heard some pretty heartwarming stories of hope, inspiration, heroism and even humor: www.patch.com by Houston Patch.

Other stories include:

● Journalists who often found themselves taking part in rescue operations. Not only did they constantly report and share stories, but they helped people off roofs, donated their own needed-so-they-could-cover-the-story boats for rescue, and used their live broadcasts to alert authorities about emergencies..
● Resourceful animals: Have you seen the photo of the dog who got loose and walked around carrying a bag of food? It went viral, and was seen all over Facebook. Eventually, he was found and was able to be returned home, reported the Houston Chronicle: www.chron.com by Fernando Alfonso.
● Family laughing out loud: Despite dire circumstances, a few people found a moment of humor as someone tried to catch a fish inside their house.

This is the latest information on the historic, catastrophic flood emergency in the Houston area. It includes phone numbers, curfews, and other important information that was recently broadcast on ABC-13. We’re running it again here, so you’ll know where to go for help if you need it: www.abc13.com

Meanwhile, your Carpet Giant family is here to support you and, while it may not be a priority right now, be sure to come in when you need flooring installation.