laminate installation Houston A home remodel is never a simple project. There are unexpected delays and expenses, and your home may often feel more like a construction site than a home. These experiences are what drove our flooring store Carpet Giant to put together an experienced team that has mastered all the techniques needed for any flooring installations that our customers may need. We strive to be reliable professionals who are here to tackle your flooring installation quickly and precisely, and get you one step closer to completing your dream home.

We know that the flooring in your home is literally and figuratively the foundation of your home. In the literal sense, without proper installation, your floors won’t be the sturdy, durable, long lasting floors that you rely on. Figuratively, your floors tie your entire home décor together and without proper installation, they can crack or come loose, which would leave you with an eyesore that won’t be cheap to fix. That is why we educate every specialist on how to handle each kind of flooring with care and teach them tips about which installation methods should be used and when.

Every kind of flooring requires a different method for proper installation. A common mistake that most amateur installers make is treating them all the same, often leaving their clients with uneven or damaged floors. Our flooring specialists understand that even the slightest differences can call for completely new installation methods. We cover tile, laminate, carpet, vinyl and hardwood, and we apply our expert techniques to give you flooring that is durable and that will last.

Our flooring specialists are also trained to cover large commercial flooring installations for big businesses all over Houston. We take pride in the quality work our staff provides, and we can be trusted by homeowners and business owners alike. Give us a call or go online and in no time, a team of specialists will have you living on your beautiful new floors!