Nasty Weather Rips Across Houston and Many Other Areas of Texas

Nasty Weather Rips Across Houston and Many Other Areas of Texas

Houston storms - flooding - flooring Unless one lives in cave, everyone knows that some wicked weather has rolled across Texas and other states. In its wake, much damage has been done to property, and lives were lost in some areas. This type of dangerous weather is not uncommon to us in Houston, but it still takes us by surprise from time to time. Here is just a brief reminder of what we have been seeing of late:

“HOUSTON - A line of strong thunderstorms will continue to move into East Texas and Louisiana for the rest of Sunday afternoon. While we may see some storms re-firing later in the day, we’re not expecting them to become severe; however, will drop some additional rainfall through the evening.”

As these strong storms have moved out of our area, homeowners and business owners are assessing the damage. For some, water damage to their flooring will be found. When that happens, many people in Houston come to Carpet Giant for replacement of the flooring, and the best flooring installation services.

Water can affect virtually all types of flooring. Carpet, hardwood, vinyl and laminate, are all susceptible and, often, the damage is so severe that the flooring has to be replaced. We carry more than 350 carpet options for our customers, and we also offer the best flooring installation as well.

Your flooring installation is every bit as important as selecting your new flooring. It only makes sense that when homeowners and business owners purchase new flooring, they also want the flooring installations that are high-quality and affordable.

The reason we can be so adamant about our installation services is that we trust our installers. Our installation technicians have all been well trained in how to properly install any type of flooring. They have both the expertise and the experience to get the job done right the first time. This level of high-quality installations is performed no matter what the size of the job. Big jobs, smaller jobs, they all get the most professional installation possible. This dedication has led to Carpet Giant earning one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in, and around, Houston, TX.

If you need new flooring, for any reason, we invite you to visit with Carpet Giant in Houston, and see one of the best selections of new flooring systems in the city, and discuss our professional flooring installation services.