Laying Down the Floor

carpet in Houston, TX Flooring is a mostly overlooked design element to a home improvement project. The walls, windows, doorways and furnishings are usually the most sought after design areas utilized to dramatically turn a room from drab to fabulous. It is certainly a fact that a well done room will have at least one of these areas changed to create the desired effect, but if the flooring looks drab and plain, you may as well be putting lipstick on a pig. Imagine the Palace of Versailles with a concrete floor, that wouldn’t be very appealing.

Room design should start from the ground up. Flooring can be the most dramatic design change you can make while also being the most unnoticed. While people are busy looking at the furnishings and window treatments they are walking on the design element that ties the room together.

This is why flooring installation is so important when renovating your home. It’s easy to go to the local flooring retailer and choosing the flooring you will be placing in your home. It’s also pretty easy to choose the design elements that go with it to create your one of a kind room. If the flooring installation is botched then the room will be a total loss, and may cost you a fortune to repair or replace the materials.

At Carpet Giant we have the flooring installation specialists you need to have your flooring laid with the highest quality workmanship. Our installers are versed in the latest manufacturer’s specifications for flooring installation, and will make sure the job is done right the first time. This does two things, it ensures that your flooring will be able to reach its maximum durability specifications and that your warranties will be valid for the full term. You will be able to enjoy your flooring for years, even decades to come. So come see us at our Houston showroom and let our staff of professional design consultants show you the right flooring for your project and get you to the right installer for your flooring. You will be glad you did.