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It’s a New Year and Here Is Your 411 on Carpet Trends

That long-running debate can feel almost like a television cliffhanger, but a soft surface installation is, and always will be, the most popular choice for the home. The carpet pros in our store are telling us that rug sales are holding steady, and, in fact, ever-increasing.

That said, what’s popular in carpet these days? Carpet Giant keeps its nose to the ground, -or in this case, to the warehouse, to bring you the most up-to-date design news.

1. Color, color, color. Right now, warm tones are in, and so are those ice cream/sherbet colors like pastel pink and light blue.

This is a good time for you to invest in a cheap color wheel, because you might want to balance the room out by adding some cooler, or warmer, tones to accessories, upholstery, or even an accent wall.

Beige, probably because of its neutral reputation, is sometimes thought of as a little bland, but undertones such as yellow, pink, brown, etc. that can warm it up or cool it down, and definitely add some interest.

Accessorized properly, this hue will give rooms a “Wow!” factor.

2.Shags--not for retro only. Now, before you start to remember those green and gold tones of the 70s, know that this style has undergone a complete color palette transformation -thanks to technology.

3.Elegant entryways. This isn’t really all that surprising when you think it through and realize that this area sets the tone of the home.

What is surprising, is that people no longer use the darker colors to hide dirt; they often go with white and grey, because they want the entryway to be as luxurious as the rest of the home.

4.Multi-colors and bold patterns (like geometrics), have the “It Factor” right now, so go out to buy some remnants and have them sewn together to make your own design.
5.Low pile. These used to appear mainly in home office, but now everyone’s catching on because it’s so much easier to clean and move furniture with this style.

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