Waterproof Floors in Houston, TX from Carpet Giant

Is waterproof flooring scratch resistant?

Yes, these floors are most definitely scratch resistant! Waterproof flooring is engineered luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), but with different cores. It has a top, thick, clear, melamine layer that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs and makes it impossible to "walk-off" the image. Ask a waterproof flooring retailer to show you samples and tell you more, especially if you're considering waterproof floors in Houston.

What are SPC and WPC?

While the traditional LVF core is waterproof, this floor comes with the SPC (stone plastic composite) or WPC (wood plastic composite) core that offers the highest level of protection from water and moisture. They do not ripple or peel no matter how much water there is or for how long.

While both cores provide the same level of waterproof guard, they have different feelings underfoot. SPC floors, also known as SPC rigid core, are harder, more rigid, and durable. It can hide even the most irregular subfloor; that's a big deal because subfloor imperfections can telegraph to the surface floor and affect the appearance and longevity. SPC floors were initially used mainly in commercial installations. Today with so many design options, it is also being used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, sunrooms, living/dining areas, and any other space. 

WPC floors are more resilient, flexible, and warmer. Like SPC floors, WPC floors can be installed in any place in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom and living room.

Both are realistic echoes of wood and stone images. An SPC or WPC floor has four layers, including underlayment, core, image, and a wear-layer. It can be installed with the glue-down method, but it's often done with the floating floor technique. Pieces click together like a puzzle, form a floor, and hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue needed. 

Waterproof floors will change your life, no matter where you live. For more information, visit the Carpet Giant showroom in Houston, TX. We service Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, The Woodlands, and Clear Lake and provide free quotes.