Waterproof flooring from Carpet Giant in Houston, TX

Is luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?

Yes, luxury vinyl is a type of waterproof flooring. It is composed of numerous layers that, combined with the thick protective aluminum-coated wear sheet, protect against spills, as well as scratches, scuffs, and dents.

It’s especially appropriate for installation in higher-than-normal moisture spaces, such as the kitchen and bath. It’s also a good choice for laundry rooms, where spills frequently occur, and entrance foyers, where people track in moisture and dirt on their shoes.

It's by no means limited to those areas; since it is stylish, people are using it in living and dining areas, sunrooms, and family rooms, among other places, all in some high-end homes.

The Carpet Giant waterproof flooring retailer will tell you about our complete product inventory, including other waterproof materials such as tile and waterproof flooring.

Savings, without compromising style

When vinyl is of the luxury version, it can be cut into either a plank form or groutable tile sized pieces.  The planks mimic hardwood boards.  Tiles, or planks, can be used to simulate stone. Some feel that the seams add even more realism, while some prefer planks because of the large format/fewer seams which give a more continuous look.

This is all affordable; you won’t pay anywhere near the price of those materials.

In any form, this product provides an almost unlimited number of design options, with clear and accurate 3D photography. You will see every knot, grain, wormhole, and veining.  Colors are bold and vibrant and seem to jump off the page.

Thanks to technology, embossing features give the floor depth, dimension, and textured features such as wire-brushed, hand-scraped weathered, and distressed looks. It is also available in many finishes.

This vinyl is also ideal for spaces where you want the look of wood, but can't have it. Wood floors are trending, and that's not expected to end for a long time. Natural wood can be damaged by excess water and moisture, so there are rooms, like the bath, where the installation is not recommended.

This is also durable and easy to maintain; a daily sweep and periodic mopping will do.  Installation is uncomplicated, as the pieces can click together like a puzzle.

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