Importance of Proper Installation

Importance of Proper Installation

Houston flooring installation You have decided to update the flooring in some areas of your home and have taken all of the necessary steps to procure the right flooring for your project. Maybe some carpet for the bedroom, some tile for the kitchen and bathroom, or some solid hardwood for the living room. No matter which type of flooring you have chosen, it is imperative that you get the flooring installation done professionally.

All too often, many people try to save money on the installation by hiring cheap labor. In many cases, that means a guy who used to work at a construction company, or the lowest price quoted on Craig’s List. There are a few pitfalls to these types of hires. First, this provider may not be licensed to do flooring installation, or they may not have insurance. Both of these issues create potential problems for you if they make mistakes that cause damage to property, or to the flooring products.

You could end up paying for the repairs from your own pocket resulting in an over spent budget. You should hire experts that do the job correctly and thereby protect your product warranties from the manufacturer as well. The best way to make sure you have a reputable flooring installation professional is to check a couple of things.

Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the installer is registered with them. You can also check with the State licensing board to see if the installer has a state issued license. After that, look into several consumer rating websites like Angie’s list or YELP! to see what the people they have worked for have said about them. If you still aren’t sure about the installer, check with the flooring retailer you have purchased your flooring from. They will have the best installers in your area working for them.

When an installer they use does a job, it’s the retailer’s reputation that’s on the line. That’s why they will always have reputable professionals doing their flooring installation. Carpet Giant only uses expert installers with many years of on-site experience. After all, it’s our reputation for great customer service and satisfaction that is at stake. So come see us at our Houston showroom and let us make your flooring dreams come true.