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How to Choose the Best Color for Wood Floors

If your home is due for a fresh redesign, then you may want to consider adding hardwood during your flooring installation. Not only will this gorgeous material, which never goes out of style, deliver a rich, warmth to any home, it will also completely transform an entire room. The only problem would be deciding which color to choose, since there's truly an endless assortment! Even though picking the best color for your renovation can be overwhelming, Carpet Giant is here to ease the process! Thanks to our Houston showroom associates, we've compiled this list of helpful tips, so you can select a shade of wood that matches your home before you begin your flooring installation.

Allow Your Space to Flow By Matching Decor with Wood

Contrast: Design-wise, it's never a good idea to match floors and walls, and that's because this makes a room look flat and bland. When choosing a wood tone, pick one that's at least two shades different than your walls, be it lighter or darker, to avoid making your room look like one big box.

Complement: Before selecting a shade of wood for flooring, hone in on your favorite room features, and pick an architectural element, like a fireplace or cabinets, to use as a complementary aspect. Thus, for instance, you could use dark wood flooring to bring out the natural beauty of kitchen cabinets, or opt for gray floor tones to complement the brick surrounding a fireplace.

Conceal: When it comes to households with kids or pets, you may think that a hardwood flooring installation is out of the question, because of all that crazy, high-traffic chaos. However, inevitable scrapes and scratches, something all-too-common in busy homes, can be easily hidden with hand-scraped flooring designs, notably lighter shades.

Light Versus Dark : As a rule of thumb, lighter wood tones make rooms look bigger and more spacious, whereas darker wood floors can make a small room appear even smaller. To avoid the "gloomy look," opt for dark colors in high vaulted areas, or larger rooms, and select lighter tones, like gray or white, in small spaces and areas with low ceilings.