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How to choose a carpet flooring installation for high-traffic areas

In areas like stairs and hallways – places that see a high amount of traffic – carpet floors can endure a lot. As such, unless you choose the ideal wall-to-wall, fibers may end up looking a little dull. Of course, you’d like your carpets to appear lovely at all times. And while you may feel worried about selecting the right installation, our carpet flooring service professionals can take the stress out of this task. Sure, it may be tempting to pick something according to its design or style. But for areas that need to stand up to constant back-and-forth, while also looking stylish and fresh, you need the right kind of fibers. Thanks to our Carpet Giant showroom specialists in Houston, TX, here are some excellent suggestions on how to choose a carpet flooring installation for your high-traffic areas.

Which carpet is right for you?

Sure, pristine white, 1.5-inch pile, super-thick shag carpeting feels like a heavenly cloud but is it necessarily right for your household. Perhaps if you only drink and eat in the kitchen, and have a pet-free or kid-free zone, you can consider installing it on your stairs or in the halls. But if that’s not your reality and you sometimes spill wine, the kids constantly drop Playdoh or your pets have accidents in the house, then chances are you need something much more practical.

We would typically recommend a lovely Berber installation if affordability and durability are at the top of your list of priorities. Since the dense fibers are known for repelling debris and dirt, plus the low pile offers a matte-free solution, Berber is a good choice for high-traffic zones.

Darker colors and patterns conceal more dirt

Now that you've read up on carpeting types, let's talk about characteristics that would further help your surfacing decision. Darker colors are your best bet, as they won't draw attention to your floors and conceal crumbs or dirt very well. Patterns and different designs also limit the visibility of soil or stains. And, if you do happen to find a dark, patterned design, then you're definitely in luck!

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