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Four considerations when choosing carpet for high traffic areas

We all love to step out of bed onto a soft, plush floor, but let’s face it: That’s a room that doesn’t get much foot traffic and, when it does, it’s often without shoes.
High traffic areas need something durable and stain-resistant, in one area. Stairs can be a little tricky; obviously, you want it to be stylish and coordinate with the rest of the house, but you not only need to think in terms of durability, but also safety. They can actually cause falls if you use the same type of carpet used in the bedroom, or if a foot gets stuck in a worn spot. There’s also the issue of gravity; when you go down the stairs, there’s a lot more pressure.
Why use carpet on stairs in the first place?
…Simply because hard surfaces can be slippery and result in falls, and if someone falls on a soft surface, it’s an easier landing.
For instance, for stairs or any high traffic areas, the best carpet is one that has:
●Extreme durability. Don’t skimp, get the best you can afford. That goes for the padding also, because it sets the foundation, eliminating wrinkles and rolls, among others.
●A tough fiber. We all know nylon is a superman of strength, but Triexta or polyester are also great choices.
Olefin has excellent stain resistance, but it’s not as long-lasting as nylon, it is less expensive though, so it could be a good option.
●A good density, but isn’t necessarily the thickest. In fact, the best for stairs could be a low pile, such as Berber style. It has to be able to wrap around the front or through railings; if it doesn’t, nothing will support the foot and down you’ll go.
Other heavily trafficked regions, such as the family or living room, might go for a carpet that’s a little plusher, because these are rooms where people sprawl out to watch TV, or babies play and fall.
●Stain-resistance. There’s a difference between stain and spill-resistance. Your feet and shoes have oils on the bottom that can stick to the fibers and attract dirt. It’s also something you really need to think about if you have pets. It’s also a good idea for the entryway, where people are in and out frequently.
●Spill-resistance. While it’s not so much a concern for the stairway, you will need to think of that also in rooms where people eat or in the entryway where there can be a lot of water.
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