Flooring Installation by Carpet Giant Turns Home into Mythical Environment

Flooring Installation by Carpet Giant Turns Home into Mythical Environment

mermaids in Houston Imagine this twist on an old idea: The pool party, but this time they have mermaids who splash around and entertain. Yup, they rent tails and delight kids on their birthdays. They even offer swim lessons for the little would-be sea creatures.
At the introduction, "The Little Mermaid" songs are playing on a loudspeaker as the 32-year-old - who moonlights as Mermaid Ella - begins explaining the basics of mermaiding to a wiggly group of little girls all sporting their own rental tails.”

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A mermaid is a mythical sea creature that is half human, half fish. Mermaids are often shown as beautiful, with long, flowing blond hair.

Your home can be just as mythical and gorgeous with a flooring installation from Carpet Giant. Although some people try to save money with a DIY flooring installation, what most don’t realize is that there is no “one-size-fits-all,” because different types of flooring require different flooring installation techniques. Often, these can be subtle differences, not visible to amateur eyes, and creating annoying, and often costly, mistakes. A professional installer, however, can spot them immediately, and avoid any mistakes.

There are other reasons why you would want a professional flooring installation: If the floor isn’t installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it might not be covered by their product warranty, even when there is damage created through no fault of the homeowner. You’ll save money, too, because the flooring installers buy in bulk and at wholesale prices, whereas you’ll pay retail.

You’ll also:

● Avoid gaps in hardwood flooring planks. Solid hardwood tends to expand and contract with heat and humidity (can anyone say “Houston?”) A professional flooring installer knows this, and will take precautions to let the hardwood “adjust” to your home before installing it.
● Always have the right tools. Different techniques require different tools, and some of them are hard-to-find specialty tools. No worries for the expert who has them on hand.
● Pay only for what you need. That’s because the experts take accurate measurements and can even estimate how much underlayment, adhesive, etc. will be needed.
● Minimize damage, both to your home and your new floor. The experts know how to handle this.

Carpet Giant is family owned and has been in business since 1976. They call themselves “Giant” because they have a giant warehouse (over 20,000 SF) and a giant showroom (over 1,000 rolls of product) that shows the largest assortment of carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate and luxury vinyl. They’re stocked with product from all the top manufacturers. Carpet Giant serves Houston and its surrounding communities.