Fashionably Green!

Fashionably Green!

green flooring Calendar-wise, Earth Day for this year has come and gone. But if current trends in earth-friendly flooring products and services are any indication, soon every day will be an Earth Day.

Environmental responsibility has taken solid root in flooring as manufacturers adopt and adapt materials that are “green.” What does that really mean? Ultimately, “green” products are largely defined by you, the customer.

As you think about your own home environment and that of the world we all live in, consider that your choices in “green” flooring products have to do with things like how fast the raw materials or natural resources are replenished. This includes flooring products like cork, bamboo and corn-based carpet fiber. Green also refers to how they were harvested and processed such as hardwoods. So the bottom line is, that green refers to essentially all the custodianship practiced in making your new floor.

However, there are other “green” things to consider. Was your new carpet or hardwood floor made from recycled or reclaimed materials? How long will your floor last before it needs to be replaced? Is it biodegradable, recyclable? And finally, what kind of materials are needed to keep your floor in top shape and your home environment safe and healthy?

The good news is that new products which meet some or all of these “green” criteria are coming on the market daily. From a design perspective, the better news is that manufacturers recognize that fashion can be “green.” It’s getting so good that the American Society of Interior Designers has established an awards program starting this year to recognize exceptional design among environmentally conscious designers, architects and manufacturers.

Planning a new flooring renovation? Here is something to consider as you plan your next project, remember that these days, “Green goes with everything!”