carpet flooring from Carpet Giant in Houston, TX

Do you know these carpet terms?

It might seem basic to you, but flooring isn’t something we shop for often. It is; however, a big investment and it is also an expression of personal style.

So, you want to get the installation right the first time.

Just knowing some basic terms will help you make the right choice.


A transition is when a room ends but still spills over a little into the next room. Say, for instance, if there's a tiny open hallway between the living and dining rooms and you can see each one clearly.

It’s especially important when there’s an open layout because the space is even bigger. The flooring doesn’t need to match, but it should coordinate in style and color.

An important flooring service

If the carpet isn't installed well, there will be wrinkles, rolls, and bumps.  It won't be smooth, and it won't fit correctly. It takes special tools and abilities, so don't try to do it yourself. You won't save any money. Hire a professional service for your carpet installation.

Other things you should know:

  • Quality.  Bend back a sample card. Do you see a lot of white space?  If you do, it means the density, how closely the fibers are tufted together, is low. That is what determines carpet quality, not weight. 
  • Styles:  These include frieze, with long, twisty fibers; Saxony, which looks velvety; shag or “sheepdog carpet,” with long fibers that look like, well, a sheepdog; Berber, a loop pattern and all the various cut-and-loops.
  • Pile.  High piles are plush and cushiony, like the frieze and shag. Low pile rugs tend to be a little stronger, and well-known examples are the Berber or the cut-and-loop patterns.
  • Fibers: There are the basic ones; nylon, known for super-strength; polyester, which has excellent stain resistance but isn't as strong as nylon; wool- which is all-natural, and olefin- usually associated with Berber rugs. There are also specialty fibers, such as silk; blends; and Triexta, a fairly new one with the stain resistance built right into the thread.
  • Padding. Just as a rug protects the floors, the padding protects the rug.

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