Carpet Installation Trends in 2018

Carpet Installation Trends in 2018

At Carpet Giant, we aim to help homeowners keep their flooring up-to-date, and a great place to start is with new 2018 trends. With our guide, you can find stylish, durable ideas, a perfect way to maintain a modern home and fashionable design. Flooring technology is booming, and that means new and improved surfacing materials are being manufactured, all in the latest colors, patterns, and fibers. Thought carpet sales were boring? Not a chance, and we'll prove it when you stop by our Houston showroom and chat with our experts. For some trending ideas, check out what 2018 has to offer!

Though ideal for any space in your home, the latest 100% waterproof materials would make a great addition to your bathroom. Imagine how happy your toes will be when they feel warm, soft, welcoming fibers underfoot as you step out of the shower. The wonderful thing is, these improved fibers won't soak up liquids, stain, or get moldy. And, yes, they will last for years to come!

Cut and Loop
What do you get when you blend cuts and loops? Stylish patterns and unique textures. Have you ever looked at interesting, highly contrasted flooring fibers, and run your hand along the surface to feel its textures? Probably, that was cut and loop fibers, as they create a blend of contrasts. No matter the floor type, patterns are all the rage at the moment, and these cut and loop patterned surfaces have been increasing in popularity as of late.

With tiles, gone are the days where you had to remove wall-to-wall, when one section was ruined! For families with kids and pets, this is a huge breakthrough. Fido chews up the corner of the rug? No worries, we'll just replace that section. And presto, pristine surfacing! Also, these tiles are ultra trendy for basements, areas that experience a fair amount of moisture and humidity. Depending upon the carpet store, you'll be able to find types that are water-resistant or waterproof.

Ombre and Multi-Color
Color-wise, in the flooring world, there's two big hits: Multi-color and ombre fibers. While multi-color may sound like a crazed, rainbow-like explosion, we're actually referring to legitimate luxury fiber trends in varying and sophisticated color combinations. Aside from multi, the ombre look is in, though you may have some difficulty finding this option, as it does depend upon which carpet warehouse you visit.