tile flooring Tile flooring is generally considered the most adaptable and affordable flooring choice on today’s market. When you personally view the diverse number of styles suitable for nearly every home’s interior design plan, you’ll discover just how many ways you can use tile to enhance the ‘look’ and functionality of your home. Tile has really evolved since years past. Today’s new beautiful tile flooring options are all available at Carpet Giant in Houston, Texas at our area’s most exceptional prices. If you need inspiration for choosing and installing tile flooring in Houston, we offer expert advice and guidance.

Houston area homeowners can use tile flooring for either indoor or outdoor applications. Most people immediately think about floors first when they consider using tile for their home remodeling projects. And while ceramic tile works extremely well as flooring, it can also be used for other things such as countertops, backsplashes, tub surrounds, walls and more.

When you take advantage of the broad choice of tile options found at Carpet Giant, you can create nearly limitless artistic designs at prices within your budget. With tile, the interior design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can, for example, create unique walkways; design countertops; create inspired nautical scenes in pool surrounds; mix different colored glazed and unglazed tiles to form a mosaic; combine shapes, colors and textures of tile in entrances; place tiles on wall spaces to form borders, patterns or mosaics; and more!

In the event that you require some additional inspiration, the interior (or exterior) design specialists at Carpet Giant will gladly step in and add some valuable insights. Of course, we will be glad to tell you much more about the incredible diversity and affordability of today’s tile. For more information, phone us, e-mail us or drop by our Houston, TX showroom at some convenient time to discuss your interest in tile flooring or view actual samples with one of our flooring consultants.