Always Important but Overlooked

Always Important but Overlooked

hardwood floors Getting new flooring for your home is an exciting time. Looking at the possibilities, the types of flooring, the styles, the colors and the textures that each brand can bring to a home makes the imagination run wild. You can see how beautifully the darker tones of your new hardwood floor will set off the trim on the widows and contrast with the colors on your wall, creating a unique style that is all about you.

These exciting times can quickly become a nightmare because of one aspect of new flooring: Installation. Flooring installation is always important, but often overlooked by the customer. Many times they want to save money by hiring the cheapest labor to do the job instead of a professional installer who can see potential issues before they become problems, thanks to his years of experience. Hiring cheap labor to install your flooring is like asking a pharmacy stock boy to perform brain surgery.

It won’t cost you as much, but it’s not going to turn out well 99% of the time. Flooring installation is a craft, and many people tend to see it as just laying down the material. That is why they so often look past the expertise needed and just see dollar signs.

At Carpet Giant we use installers who are well versed in the craft of flooring installation. They are educated in the manufacturer’s specifications for installation and will make sure that the flooring will meet those standards. This does two things: It protects your warranties and also preserves the longevity of the floor. Houston residents have been depending on the team at Carpet Giant for years - and we aren't going anywhere.

You can rest easy knowing that the floor in your home has been placed there by people who take pride in their work and want you to be as satisfied with their work as you are with your floor. They will also show you how to maintain your floor’s beauty in the future. So visit us at our Houston showroom and let Carpet Giant be the one stop you make to have your floors professionally installed. You’ll be glad you did!