What type of carpet is suitable for a bedroom?

What type of carpet is suitable for a bedroom?

Not surprisingly, many homeowners opt to install carpet flooring in bedrooms. Soft, colorful, and luxurious styles are preferred. Most fibers and styles are appropriate for this cozy space since foot traffic is low. Carpet Giant in Houston, Texas, carries a wide variety of carpeting. But we are more than a carpet store. We offer a wide variety of flooring and a mobile showroom, too.

Carpet pile

When you shop for carpeting, you have a choice between loop pile and cut pile brands. Frieze cut pile styles are popular for bedrooms. Each tightly twisted fiber tends to turn back upon itself, giving it a curled appearance. This casual-looking style is perfect for a teen’s bedroom.


Many homeowners choose nylon carpeting because it is so durable. A carpet keeps its original look for years because it bounces back from footstep and furniture compression. In addition, a nylon carpet, which comes in matte colors, is a good choice for pet owners.


Polyester is not appropriate for high-traffic areas, but it's an excellent choice for bedrooms. Polyester carpeting is soft, and it tends to come in vivid, bright colors. In addition, this budget-friendly floor covering is available in 'green' options that are made with recycled beverage bottles.


A wool carpet is more costly than a synthetic carpet, but wool has built-in resilience. That means that this eco-friendly flooring option is more durable than synthetic carpet brands. New Zealand wool, the purest wool in the world, is available in over 600 colors.

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