Laminate flooring from Carpet Giant in Houston, TX

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

Budget-friendly laminate flooring imitates more costly flooring like hardwood planks and ceramic and natural stone tiles. Laminate floor coverings are lighter than the natural materials they mimic, and they are installed as floors that connect to float over the subfloor. Therefore, applications are more numerous. Carpet Giant offers laminate as well as superior waterproof flooring in Houston, Texas, including luxury vinyl and glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Laminate flooring has several layers that are bonded together with a lamination process. This synthetic product has a fiberboard base, an image layer that contains a high tech digital photo of wood, stone, or ceramic, and a clear finish that covers and protects the image layer. A rigid backing layer ensures structural stability. Padding is placed under the flooring to provide cushioning, correct minor subfloor damage, and increase durability.   

Standard brands

Standard laminate is not waterproof. While the flooring is designed to resist water, spills should be wiped up immediately. Water will not quickly penetrate the surface, but it can seep down to the subfloor when it gets into seams between planks and tiles. The base of this wood product can not tolerate standing water, however, the seams can be sealed to make the floor less susceptible to water damage.

Waterproof brands

Laminate flooring
that is labeled 'waterproof' will not sustain water damage if the water is cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. Usually, manufacturers' guidelines specify a period of up to 30 hours. As long as these instructions are followed, there is no damage to the floor when it is exposed to standing water. Be certain that this flooring satisfies your needs when making a purchasing decision, especially since it is more expensive than standard laminate.

Carpet Giant is a waterproof flooring retailer in Houston–The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area, including the communities of Katy and Clear Lake. You can see all our waterproof floors in our showroom in Houston, Texas. And we can show you our vinyl flooring lines which are all waterproof! Or take advantage of our convenient shop at home service. Other services include installation and design consultation. Online tools like a chat service can help you get started with your waterproof flooring upgrade.