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How to Shop for the Perfect Carpet for Your Flooring Installation

On one hand, shopping for any flooring is pretty overwhelming, what with all the different types, colors, patterns and designs.

On the other, you may be saying “What? How to shop? That’s very basic isn’t it?”

You’d think--but the truth is, there are some very common mistakes, and we’re going to go over some of the ones our carpet experts come across frequently in sales.

They are:

1.Skimping on padding. That’s one of those things that are “out of sight, out of mind,” but padding is actually is the foundation of a good installation. It keeps the rug in place, and eliminates rolls and wrinkles, that is, of course, if it’s in good shape.
2.Assuming something doesn’t exist because you don’t see it in the store. You may be longing for a carpet that’s not in the store, but that doesn’t mean the retailer doesn’t have it. It might be something they can order, or it may very well be in the carpet warehouse, and just not in the showroom. So what have you got to lose by asking?
3.Not knowing the different fibers. Some fibers are just better for some rooms than others.

We all tend to think of fibers in terms of nylon only; after all, that material is the king of strength. There’s also, however, polyester, which is even a little more stain-resistant than nylon; olefin, which, for many reasons that your flooring pro can explain, may be best for the family room or home office, or wool, which is exquisitely beautiful and has inherent stain resistant properties in its natural oils. There are also blends.
4.Using weight, not density, to determine carpet quality. Density refers to how closely together the fibers are tufted. You can have a heavy carpet with fibers that are woven a little too far apart.
5.Not checking the carpet warranty. Certain guidelines may be enforced, such as in the installation. If you try to do-it-yourself, the rug may not be installed to manufacturer’s guidelines. Any damage, even if it’s no fault of the homeowner, may not be covered. Another guideline may be in professional cleaning; many manufacturers require it at least every 12 to 18 months, since it extends the life of the soft surface.

If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to come into the Carpet Giant showroom in Houston.