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How Do I Know When It's Time to Replace My Carpet Installation?

From wine spills to running kids, muddy paws to soccer balls, your soft surfacing material sure sees a lot of busy days. It's no surprise, of course, since they line your floors! However, at some point in time, you'll need to decide if it's time to visit the /contact for a new replacement. 

Yet, it can be hard trying to figure out if that's the best approach, especially since your flooring may not look that worn. Luckily, to make your decision a whole lot easier, Carpet Giant's Houston showroom experts have come up with this practical advice to help you evaluate whether you should come into our carpet warehouse for something new. 

1. It's Getting Harder to Hide Those Stains
Has your home seen a whole lot of "oopsies!" over the years? Without a doubt, that's completely normal, and that's because, well, your family lives there! But after a few hundred mishaps that leave behind stains, it may be getting harder and harder to hide those "oopsie" spots. Sure, you can add a decorative rug or two, maybe even a few potted plants to carefully hide those accidents. But it might be time to consider carpet sales if you're running out of things to cover up wear and tear.

2. Cleaning Doesn't Leave Your Fibers Smelling Fresh
Sometimes, even after you deep clean and vacuum your carpet, your fibers may still smell stinky. Smelly surfacing is a real problem, since it can leave your home with a stale, moldy aroma. Even after removing visual stains, you might still have a problem on your hands. Typically, this is due to food spills or pet mishaps having penetrated the surfacing, and embedded into the padding underneath. 

3. Fibers Are Perpetually Humid
By far, water damage poses the biggest issue. Dampness and humidity eventually result in fungus, mold, and mildew and leaves a stagnant smell in the air that's unhealthy to breathe. Health-wise, this is a big red flag.

4. Do You (Unwillingly) Have An Authentic Retro Look?
Are you the owner of genuine shag fiber straight from the 70s? If you're rocking the retro looking unwillingly, that outdated style might be throwing off your decor vibe. Consider redoing your space to match your present style and taste, with high-quality materials that aren't hiding vintage dust mites. You'll be amazed what new carpeting installed by Carpet Giant will do for your home.