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Good Flooring Installation is Our Recipe for Success

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, even if it’s only for a few hours. It might seem strange to celebrate, but you’ll be a lot more productive in the long-term.

Houston residents are still reeling from Hurricane Harvey, and businesses are struggling to stay open and make rent and payroll. Enter Recipe for Success, a Houston organization that does everything from fighting childhood obesity, to creating educational programs to promoting worksite wellness. This week they are celebrating the creativity of Houston chefs. It is sponsored by Houston-based Martin Prepared Foods: www.chron.com

We know it’s short notice so if you weren’t able to go to this one, take a look at their website: www.recipe4success.com to see upcoming events.

A good flooring installation is also a recipe for success, because it will make your finished floor look gorgeous. In fact, many say the flooring installation is as important as the flooring product itself.

Here are some of the biggest flooring installation mistakes we see, compliments of Carpet Giant:

1. Trying to do it yourself. First, every type of flooring requires different tools and skillsets. You may end up with carpeting that has rolls, uneven seams and extra material backing up on the wall, while the laminate flooring may squeak every time you walk on it. Second, flooring installation experts do this on a regular basis, so they buy in bulk, at wholesale prices, you’ll pay retail. Third, mistakes may not be covered in the warranty unless the floor is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications.
2. Not allowing enough time for the finished installation. If the flooring installer says “don’t move furniture in for 5 days” or “don’t walk on it for 7,” follow those instructions!
3. Decorating in the wrong order. Of course many can’t finish a major project, like a kitchen remodel, all at once. So they’ll paint or install the cabinets first, but that will only limit your flooring choices. Remember, too, that it’s really the flooring that sets the tone of the design of the room. Install the flooring first.
4. Hiring the most inexpensive flooring installer. Cost is determined by both labor and materials. If it’s cheap, the flooring installer may cut corners on labor and buy the cheapest materials.

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