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Family Room Looking a Little Worn? Check Out These Great Flooring Ideas!

If your family tends to retreat to the comfort of a family room at the end of the day, you're not the only ones! For many, this living space represents things such as comfort and family time. As such, it often becomes a much-used area, falling into disarray due to overuse. If your house is in desperate need of a family room makeover, consider a quick face-lift with new flooring. At Carpet Giant, our Houston showroom carries a plethora of flooring options. So, if you're uncertain where to start this renovation, you may want to consider the following favorite ideas:

Makeover Idea #1: A Carpet Installation
Our flooring and carpet store carries a wide selection of carpets on sale, enough to make your head spin! Luckily, our friendly, on-site showroom pros will provide you with in-depth information about everything from Berber to Wool, and all materials in-between! When it comes to family rooms, they'll tell you that soft surfacing is by far the most popular choice, as it creates both a luxurious and comforting living space. Coupled with endless palette and design combinations, and you may never leave our carpet warehouse! For an immediate impact that will make living with children and pets so much easier, consider a waterproof type of soft surfacing.

Makeover Idea #2: A Solid Hardwood Redo
While rugs and wall-to-wall may make your environment more cushioned and cozier, there's no reason to skip over the ever-popular solid hardwood. For generations, homeowners have relied upon this fantastic flooring for their homes. Not only is it extremely durable, capable of withstanding a crazed pack of wild Chihuahuas or team of toddlers, but it's also breathtaking beyond comparison. Go on, try to count how many different species of wood there are available, you'll surely tire before you're through! Team solid hardwood with a flawless finish, and you may just fall in love with your new flooring. 

Makeover Idea #3: A Lovely Laminate Look
So, let's assume you're looking for a flooring that's a little bit more, shall we say, budget-friendly. Needless to say, there are lots of families that need to keep an eye on their wallet, even though they may be in desperate need of a home renovation. At this point, we often suggest laminate flooring, as it comes in a variety of look-alike alternatives, like Tigerwood and Maple, as well as varnish shades. Not big into woodsy stuff? That's fine, then opt for ceramic or mosaic look-like instead! Trust us, there's entirely no shortage of flooring possibilities for your home renovation.