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Even the Biggest Flooring Installation Can Be Stress-free

“All I want for Christmas is a nap,” said this little girl to Santa: www.click2houston.com by Amanda Cochran.

We can’t promise you a nap, but Carpet Giant of Houston, can promise you a stress-free flooring installation, whether you’re sprucing up your home for the holidays or are planning a complete top-to-bottom remodel.

For the sake of this post, we’ll focus on flooring installation in the kitchen, since that room is the “heart” and the place where your guests will congregate to visit with the cook.

A few tips to make your flooring installation go more smoothly:

1. Don’t try to save money by either going the DIY route or hiring the cheapest, and most likely, inexperienced flooring installation technician. Not only will you not save money, but you may spend more, because every flooring type requires different skills and tools. Don’t fall for, “but I’ve installed carpet many times” if you’re installing another flooring type that the technician has never done. If the flooring installation isn’t done to manufacturer specifications, mistakes probably won’t be covered in the warranty.
2. There’s a big debate about whether you should install the cabinets or flooring first, and if you’re only changing the floor, the cabinets will already be there, so the flooring will just be cut to size and fitted against the cabinet. However, in a full remodel sometimes budget concerns mean the cabinet and flooring have to be done separately. If the floor is too high (and remember the entire floor isn’t just the “finished floor,” but also a subfloor and underlayment), there will be issues with both cabinets and appliances. This is definitely an instance where you would want professional flooring installation, whether you decide to create risers (which have their own complications), or just minimize the floor height by using by removing the underlayment.
3. Which comes first, the paint or the flooring? If it’s flooring first, just be sure you have a lot of drop cloths! From a design point of view, the flooring will set the tone of the entire room so it may be better to coordinate other colors with an already-existing floor.

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