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Do you need carpet for high traffic areas?

For those with carpet in the home, you most likely have certain areas that experience higher levels of traffic than others. And if that’s the case, you also likely deal with keeping your carpet looking good in those areas, which can be a struggle. Stairs and hallways can often have the highest levels of traffic, as well as living rooms and children’s rooms. Once you find something that works, you’re going to want to stay with it. And that’s just what we hope to help you with!

Of course, we want our carpet to look good. That’s one of the reasons we chose it, right? But there’s so much more that our floor coverings have to go through. Residents and guests alike can track in rain, mud, dirt, and debris, while back and forth foot traffic can really wear on the fibers of this flooring.

Choosing the right type of carpeting can go a long way. For instance, a nice shag carpet is great if you have no pets, no children, and never eat in any room other than the kitchen. Chances are, though, that you do. And for that, you might want to consider the denser, lower pile flooring known as Berber.

If it’s dirt and debris you’re mostly concerned with, you can do a lot with color. High traffic areas like stairs and hallways are never a suitable placement for white or gray carpet or any light variation of another color. Not only do they draw the eye directly to any spot, stain, leaf, or piece of dirt, but they grow dingy quickly in these settings. Instead, opt for darker colors or designs that will hide much of what you don’t want to be seen.

Carpet Giant not only has an extensive selection of floor coverings available at all times, but we also have the most experienced Flooring Consultants in the business. With more than 40 years of history in the flooring industry, we know exactly how to match you with the products that suit your needs. We encourage you to stop by our Houston showroom and see why the kind of service we offer really makes a difference. With design and installation services included, we will be your one-stop flooring shop.